The CARES Act Table

The table below contains a brief overview of The CARES Act, and the various categories The CARES Act covers.  As the CARES Act evolves and expands, the links in the CATEGORY column should still be relevant, as they will updated automatically as new information comes out OR the web page that opens from each link has links within that page that should take you to the most updated and current information


Description / Date



General Overview

General overview & guidelines of the various areas/groups that the CARES Act funds are available, including Housing, Credit Reporting, Student Loans, SBA Loans, Infrastructure, Tax, & Unemployment.(Created on March 27th, 2020.)

National Association of Realtors (Even if you're not a Realtor, the General Overview link is a great source for a general summary of the CARES Act)


Homeowners / Renters

A guide to mortgage relief options for anyone financially impacted by the COVID-19. This is mostly geared towards homeowners, but there is also a section on ‘Protection for renters’. (Created on April 6th, 2020.)

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau


Small Business Owners

Small Business Administration (SBA) Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources in response to COVID-19. (Seems to be a ‘live link’- automatically updated as new info/programs come out)

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Unemployed / Underemployed Workers

Fact sheet on the unemployment insurance provisions in the CARES Act. (Created on March 27th, 2020.)

National Employment Law Project


Tax Provisions

A general overview of the CARES Act tax provisions that aim to stabilize the economy as it is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Created  March 25th, Updated March 27th .)

Journal Of Accountancy

(And now, a brief work from the legal department: All the info above is from various sources that seem reputable and factual, and I believe it to all be accurate, but I cannot personally confirm/guaranty that every piece of info in every link is 100% correct.)